Cycling opportunities

There are many hiking trails in Csongrád and its surroundings, including local history and ecotourism.

The tours start and end at the Tari László Museum.



Over the red! (Piroskaváros)
Tisza Dam - Wooden Bridge - Commemorative Clock in the River Árpád - Industrial Park (Former Barracks) - St. Joseph's Church -Piac
Distance: 7 km (50 minutes)

On the Roads of Artists (Tisza Dam, Old Grapes)
Tisza dam - wooden bridge - The flood memorial bell - Art Colony
Distance: 10 km (70 minutes)

The Spirit of Old Ages (Ellés Monastery)
Tisza dam - wooden bridge - Ellés monastery
Distance: 18 km (90 minutes)

"Hey fishermen, fishermen ..." (Downtown)
Church of Saint Rocus - Provincial House - Körös-torok - Kerekárok
Distance: 8 km (60 minutes)

In the heart of the city (city center)
Museum Church of the Assumption - Batsányi János Grammar School - Town Hall - Károly Csemegi Library - Reformed Church - Statue of Kubikos
Distance: 5 km (40 minutes)


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