Horse opportunities

A favorite destination for horsemen is the Körös throat, and during various tours you can learn about the beauty of the Csongrád landscape, whether for two-day tours or on smaller routes.

Round-throat circle (16 km, horseback or chariot)
Pejkó Guesthouse - Lake behind Pejkó - "Ironbridge" - Dam guard house - Tisza dam - Körös-torok beach - Bökény-alj - Gyorgy-víz - Golden Island backwater - Serház-zug backwater - Csongrádi sport field - Tavern - Pejkó Guesthouse.

2-day horse-riding star tour
First day excursion to the Chain Lake at Csanytelek, through arable land, pastures, forest sections, long in the grassy area between the Tisza dam and the floodplain forest.
(Distance: 50 km).
Second day by crossing the Körös-torok beach and then passing through the Ponton Bridge, crossing the Tisza-Körös-Zug hiking trail (Distance: 40 km).

More information and tour routes:

Pejkó Panzió
H-6640 Csongrád, Tanya 95.

GPS: N 46° 40,716’, E 20° 9,462’